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Welcome to Fit Financial Coaching, your go-to in Phoenix for transforming your financial life. Under the guidance of the esteemed Caroline Kelly, we’ve crafted a variety of coaching services designed to meet you where you are in your financial journey and propel you toward where you want to be. Our services including Financial Foundations & Accountability Coaching, Financial Bootcamps, and Group Masterminds, hosted in-person at our Phoenix, AZ location or virtually, are all about growing your financial confidence with expert coaching and proven strategies. Caroline’s dedicated approach ensures that you eliminate the guesswork and overwhelm, achieving your financial goals while freeing up your time and resources to pursue your passions.

Do you ever wonder where your money goes? Is financial stress a constant in your life, leaving your financial future feeling unclear? It doesn’t have to be that way. At Fit Financial Coaching, we understand that everyone’s financial journey is unique. That’s why Phoenix, AZ’s Caroline Kelly tailors her coaching to your specific needs, goals, and life milestones, helping individuals and small businesses alike. Whether you’re preparing for marriage, retirement, or managing the finances of a growing family, our services are designed to help you navigate financial challenges with confidence. With Caroline’s expertise, you’re set on a path to a financially fit lifestyle, no matter where you’re starting from in Phoenix or beyond.

What Is a Financial Coach?

At Fit Financial Coaching in Phoenix, Arizona, Caroline Kelly merges financial advising with life coaching, offering a unique take on wealth management. Unlike traditional advisors focused only on investments, Caroline specializes in financial coaching, helping individuals and small businesses nationwide to improve their financial health with education, behavioral strategies, and wellness practices. Our services include Financial Foundations & Accountability Coaching, Financial Bootcamps, and Group Masterminds, designed to empower you to make wise financial choices, align your finances with your life goals, and enhance your financial well-being. Caroline’s comprehensive support, available locally in Phoenix, AZ and virtually, provides the tools for anyone to boost their financial confidence through expert coaching and effective strategies.

Coaching Options From the phoenix area

How we can work together


Join our Group Masterminds to connect with peers on a similar financial path in the Phoenix, AZ area and beyond, guided by expert coaching and proven strategies. This collaborative environment is perfect for those dealing with financial stress.

Financial Foundations & Accountability Coaching

Stay on track with your established financial goals with my accountability coaching. Through regular check-ins, tailored advice, and empowering support, you’ll develop the habits needed to make your financial dreams a reality.


Dive into our Financial Bootcamps, where we focus on helping individuals & small businesses eliminate the guesswork and overwhelm of finances.These bootcamps, hosted in Phoenix, AZ or virtually, are your first step towards your financial goals.

Why Choose Fit Financial Coaching in Phoenix, AZ?

Fit Financial Coaching emerges as a guiding light for those in the Phoenix, AZ area and beyond, cutting through the complexity of financial management. With Caroline Kelly, our coaching goes beyond mere advice; we forge a partnership with you, designed to propel you toward where you want to be, fostering financial freedom and personal satisfaction along the way. Our commitment to helping individuals and small businesses eliminate the guesswork and overwhelm of personal finance stands as a testament to the transformative journey we offer. Here’s why making Fit Financial Coaching your choice can transform your financial journey:

  • Personalized Financial Strategies
  • Empowerment Through Education
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Results-Drive Approach
  • Virtual and In-Personal Meetings

Hear from Our Happy Clients

“Caroline is a wonderful advisor. She really listens to you, asks a lot of questions, and really gets to know your situation in a very personal way.”
Lynda D.
Phoenix, AZ
“Coach Caroline is very supportive…She’s made our seemingly huge burden feel easier to bear and like it might actually be manageable.”
Hannah G.
Phoenix, AZ
“I have never related to another person so much. I have worked with Caroline for almost 2 years now and she is a staple in my life and debt free journey.”
April S.
Phoenix, AZ

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